Commercial Services

At our storefront we sell houseplants, and our specialty is in providing the best care for your plants to elevate the look of your business while keeping the stress of the care off of you. We offer maintenance of indoor and patio plants at an hourly rate of $50/hour.

Our maintenance includes:

  • repotting,
  • watering,
  • pruning,
  • pest mitigation, etc.

We can come by as often or as little as you'd like.


We offer a 25% discount on our products to all businesses, as well as free delivery. Let us help you decide what plants would work in your specific situation! We can work with your budget, however big or small. We can maintain plants you already may have inside, including: repotting, pest mitigation, pruning, staking, etc. We also have a decent selection of pottery, and can hunt for something in particular if we don’t have what you had in mind

We know it can be hard to find time to make it into our shop while running your own, please email to schedule a time for us to come out to you!