Fertilizing Your Plants


One of the most common questions I get asked is whether or not you should fertilize your houseplants. The quick answer is: yes, you probably should. There are many fertilizers on the market and it can get confusing. I'm not a fan of organic fertilizers like fish fertilizer because they smell awful. I can't even stand "pleasant" scents like perfume or cologne. Fish fertilizer is not worth the stink to me. I recommend a balanced fertilizer, I use Peter's 20-20-20 but any 20-20-20 should be fine. 

It is personal preference when it comes to what fertilizer you end up choosing. Most avid gardeners have a brand they swear by, and we just happen to love Peter's.

If you have a Hoya or Lipstick Plant that doesn't want to bloom for you, try fertilizer. I have had amazing results.

How Often Should I Fertilize?

A mantra that I stick to when fertilizing is weaker, weekly. During the growing season (whenever I notice my plants are actively growing, which is March-November in Tucson) I fertilize at 1/4 the recommended strength, every single time I water. 

There are many different approaches to fertilizing, and this is just the method and products I have found work well for me. In the winter, once I start to notice my plants' growth slowing down, I'll stop fertilizing until I notice the growth speed back up.