What to expect when ordering plants via shipping

It is important you get to the package in a timely manner- please don't let it sit in your hot mailbox all day! If you can't be at home, you can arrange for it to be held at the post office or opened by a neighbor, that is ideal.

Depending on the size of the plant, and the distance traveled, some cosmetic leaf damage is to be expected. However, we want you to feel good about your purchase, so please reach out to us if you feel your plant is not what you expected.

To be eligible for a refund/store credit, you must record a video or capture several photos of you opening the box and unwrapping your plant. If the box arrives smashed, take photos of that as well! This feedback also helps us improve our shipping procedures moving forward.


Your Plant Is Here, Now What?

  1. Ready your phone to record or take photos of the unboxing process
  2. Open the box with the label-side up. 
  3. Take out your plant. Be careful, we sometimes secure the plant or wrapping to the box to prevent it from bouncing around in shipment. Cut any tape before yanking!
  4. It will probably be dry, give the soil a thorough water. If it seems extra dry and not wanting to soak up any water, bottom water it by placing the pot in a shallow dish of water. The soil will pull the water from the bottom-up.
  5. If the plant seems a bit beat up/limp from the journey, place it in a clear plastic tub with a lid in a well-lit area. The added humidity will help the plant recover. Make sure to melt a few ventilation holes into the bin, or pop the lid off a few times a day.


We really appreciate you placing an order with us! Thank you.