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Pumice is solidified foam that forms from lava, rich in gases. It has pores in the form of bubbles and irregular cavities that absorb moisture. This lightweight stone is used to amend soil. Pumice is inorganic so it has no odor and won’t break down, decompose, shrink, compact, or rot. Added to soil, it will improve the soil making it more porous and improving aeration and drainage while maintaining a reduced soil weight. 

Our pumice is horticulture grade and pH neutral. It's been screened through 3/8” and contains little to no fines. It is primarily used for its ability to amend and improve garden soil by providing improved aeration and moisture retention.

Pumice also looks nice as a top dressing to help minimize pests and add a resort vibe to your potted plants.

Comes in 3 pound bags.

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